WATCH: Chris Ross lashes out at Smart Araneta security after hair-pulling incident

Chris Ross was adjudged as Best Player of the Game for leading 7th ranked San Miguel past 2nd seeded NorthPort to force a winner-take-all match for the right to advance to the semifinal round of the 2019 PBA Commissioner’s Cup.

While Ross was being interviewed by courtside reporter Rizza Diaz, the veteran SMB guard was visibly frustrated after two young fans apparently pulled his hair from behind.

“It has never happened to me. People had pulled my arm for a picture or stuff, but no one’s ever pulled my hair. That’s a sign of disrespect,” said the 34-year old Fil-Am.

“I was kind of mad at the security because there’s three security guys there and they didn’t do anything. They just let whoever did it, do what they wanted to do,” added Ross. “I kind of got mad at the security more than I got mad at whoever did it because they have to protect us. It’s all about players’ safety.”

The culprits were later on escorted out of the venue by security personnel.

Ross maintained that he has nothing against fans who want to interact with their favorite players, all he is after is the safety of his peers.

“I just want players to be as safe as possible. I mean, you never know what they can do, they can try to hurt us or whatever.”

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