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Though restricted from entering the bubble due to his age, PBA chairman Ricky Vargas is so thrilled and excited that the pro league would get through with the league bubble play in Clark.

He’s ecstatic and thankful to the government for the nod on the season restart where the players can provide some entertainment to the nation amid the pandemic.

PBA action will be back on Oct. 11, holding daily games while observing strict health protocols, including swab testing once every two weeks.

“Masaya kami we’ll be able to bring back basketball which will really be for the fans. That’s our motivation from the start,” said Vargas, the main proponent in the league board of the PBA adopting the NBA model.

“When we talked to the players, we all agreed it’s about time to give back something to the fans. When we talked to TV5, we said let’s make it truly a coverage that will be very entertaining for the fans to watch,” said Vargas of what he expects to be an event to remember.

He’s considering the commitment they’ve got from the players in a recent meeting.

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